Tourmaline Revolutional Women

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Origin:Made In China

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Product Description

Tourmaline Revolutional series
Brand Name: Beetifui
Model Number: AT369(bra)/AT388(corset)/AT399(girdle)
Age Group:Adults
Season: all season
Function: body building
Feature: Slim,body shaper,Breathable,
prevent hyperplasia of mammary glands,
mammitis and premenstrual breast pain

BRA(AT369):inner cup fabric:Tourmaline cotton fabric, High elastic hexagon prismatic Lycra flank mesh fabric.Flank sandwiching is Italy caffeine fat burning fabric.
Cup shape:1/2 cup wireless/thin cup
Strap:5 row button
1High elastic hexagon prismatic mesh fabric,evenly and scientifically pressurized on the body from all direction.Lock fat frame by frame.Used imported Lycra fabric,increased the elasticity and resilience force of the mesh fabric. Back sandwiching used caffeine fat burning fabric,help to lose weight,burn back fat and shape the flap back.
2.Inner material is Tourmaline cotton fabric.Effectively prevent hyperplasia of mammary glands,mammitis and premenstrual breast pain.
3.Removable and hidden pad shape perfect body curve.
4.Wireless design,can be comfortably worn all day long with no uncomfortable tightness and stress.No longer subject to the trouble of hyperplasia of mammary glands.Overlapping cup design,moment of concentration,gather together the perfect palm chest.
5.Forcing soft flank bone ,help pushing up the more perfect breast line round and straight.
6.Imported Europe typle front lace,sheeny, comfortable and close, foil a perfect curve of the chest.
7.Suitable for all ages of women to wear.

CORSET:Half sleeve corset:front fabric:Tourmaline fabric.
Half sleeve corset:It is new and more nuanced design.Half sleeve design,settle the problem of fat arm.V-shape back strap,comfortable,settle the problem of fabrics lax that happen for the frequent excessive pulling.Added setting net yarn on the front side,effectively collect abdomen fat,shape the abdomen.At the same time,added the Tourmaline fabric in the front side,you will generate heat on the upper part of the body.So as to warm the uterus and detoxing function.The whole camisole used Italy caffeine fabric.With the effect of burning fat and loss weight.

LONG GIRDLE:Whole camisole fabric:Italy caffeine fabric.
The design characteristic of the long girdle:
1.Front and middle position use three layer pressure clipping.Push the abdomen fat to the hip,eliminating abdominal convex and dewlap,thinning waist and shaping perfect waist curve.
2.Added superelasticity insertion on fem intern position,pushing up the fat onto the hit and firming up it.Shape up your inner to outer thighs.Create a slender thighs. 3.Adopts open ,apple shape and stereo hip ruffle design ,creating a rounded hip line.
4. Hip lifted-up bones,helps firming up fat and create a sexy hip line.
5. Double fabrit can help lifing the hip.
6.The coundary between the hip and thighs,make clear curve of them.
7.Anti-bacterial breathble crotch fabric,preventing gynaecopathia.
8.Lace hem, preventing bottom turned up.
9.The whole long girdle used Italy caffeine fabric.With the effect of burning fat and loss weight.


1.Medical functional fiber( high tenacity ,high elasticity ,releasing  back- pressure,proteting bodies,natural and stable,six times moisture absorption and breathability compare the cotton fabric.So it is comfortable to wearing it at anytime any season.)

2 Elastic-heterogeneous yarn
(Transection of heterogeneous yarn is asteroid with multi angle.Heterogeneous yarn twine 
and then form the fribe.It is 9 times ductility than the common fiber.It can extend a plurality of antennae and form contacts.So the friction is increaced between the fribe and body.Effectively massage chest and burn fat.At the same time,contacts adhere to the skin to fasten the fat.)
3.Hexagonal prismatic mesh textile fabric(Uniform and scientific pressure from any direction acts on the body with no discomfort.Alveolate materials is more breathable,ligher but indeformable after frequent washing.360 uniform pulling force can fasten the fat.)
4.High-tech alveolate hexagonal mesh fabric
Elastic fibers have been processed in special way.Containing 18 kinds of amino acid which
is close to the ingredient of the skin.It can moisturizing and anti sensitive.After a long wearing ,you will find your skin becoming more compact, flexible and delicate.

5.High-tech fiber
The high-tech fiber contacts more than 35% American lycra.It is 3-5times resilience than the common underware.Use hollow and alternate knitting method,making the delicate ,breathable and comfortable fabric.High-density inwrought lace trimmings, show elegant and unlimited noble temperament.Special treatment for the fabric
Our material have been processed by high-tech.So it is very comfortable.
Anti-odor processing--- antibacterial,promote physical and mental health 
Bristle processing--- good moisture absorption and permeability 
Electrostatic proecssing---close-fitting but non- greasy 
Fluorescence processing ---prevent skin swollen pruritus and sensitivity

Strict quality detection
All operations are base on ISO9001 Quanlity Management Systems and ISO14001 Environmental management systems strictly and  normatively.
9 strict quality testing procedures,make sure all products are perfect.

The effect of Tourmaline fabric:
1.Anion and far infrared ray effect on the skin directly.Balancing yin and yang,warming and activating meridia,warming yang for dispelling cold.
2.Boosts blood circulation,excitor,relieve the pain and fatigue.
3.Activate fatty cells accelerated and converted,have the effect of weight loss.
4.With the deep thermal effect

The effect of Caffeine fabric:
Make body have exclusively imported the Revolutional Slim(Caffeine fabric) which is the latest technology 
fabric of Italy. Our new-style high-tech products are used the Caffeine fabric and combining with meticulous research and development by our body management experts who have years of making figure-shape underware experience.

Caffeine contains coffee element.It can help excreting store fat from the body.It can also
help excreting redundant water ,removing stubborn stool and reducing weight.The NUREL micro-capsule chemical fiber-micro-encapsulated fiber,not only have the effect of slimming,but also have the character of reducing the fat from body.It is compact,non-transparent,easy to take care and skin-touch.And because it is breathble,when wearing won't have bound feeling.
Remarks:Skin to wear 8hours per day,total test time is 56 days.And stay normal diet, 
not overeating.

The benefits of wearing the shap underware?
1.Skin wearing can help you to burn fat and lose weight.No need exercise anymore, every moment the fat is in the movement.
2.Make the cellulite skin becomes tender and smooth.It has favourable absorbency to skin. 
3.The edge won't roll and yarn-proof by arbitrarily cut.Anti friction/Anti chlorine water/radiation protection/ultraviolet-proof/quick-drying.
Remarks:Skin to wear 8hours per day,total test time is 56 days.And stay normal diet, 
not overeating.




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